A Minute with Mac
LOVE this from Seth Godin’s  “The Icarus Deception”
6 Daily Habits for Artists

LOVE this from Seth Godin’s “The Icarus Deception”
6 Daily Habits for Artists

Some Exciting News For Me To Share!

     I can’t tell you how excited I am to tell y’all the news that I have made a Country record!  I grew up listening to Country music, and I’ve been hearing for many years from friends, family, and fans that they would love to hear me do a Country album.  After so much confirmation, I started feeling like I couldn’t NOT make a country record (does that make sense?). So, I went to work.

     There have been so many times in the past that I had song ideas that didn’t really fit lyrically or musically with Third Day.  I filed those songs away to the “maybe sometime” category. Well, that time is now.  I started working on these songs, and a whole bunch of new ones, off and on about a year ago. Then, I had the chance to record the songs with some really talented musicians. I am very happy with the results, and I cannot wait to share it with you!

     Before anybody freaks out, the answer is “NO!” Third Day is NOT breaking Up! We are actually nearly finished with a brand spankin’ new album that we’ll be releasing this fall, with a tour to follow in the spring of next year. We’re really excited about the material, and appreciate what we have in Third Day more than ever. 

     There are still many questions to be answered with how and when my Country record will be released, but my hope is that it will be sometime in the next few months. Also, I’m planning on firing up the old van and trailer and getting out there on the road to play the music wherever I can for whomever is willing to listen.

     You guys have supported and encouraged me for many years now, and I don’t take it for granted. I would deeply appreciate all of your thoughts, prayers, and help in this coming season! I look forward to you guys hearing the music and seeing what you think very soon.  

Blessings!  Mac

John S Lens, Ina’s 1969 Film, No Flash, Taken with Hipstamatic

John S Lens, Ina’s 1969 Film, No Flash, Taken with Hipstamatic

Trying my best to sing “Children of God” in Portuguese for the beautiful people of Brazil. Hope u don’t mind the American accent!

We gone rock this CAR like it’s dynamite!

My 2 yr old Emmanuel dancing to Usher! Check it out!

Sweetness !

Random Thoughts…

ok. I’ve got so much going thru my head right now. Here’s some randomness for you. I’m not checking my spelling,grammar,etc.- so don’t get offended or send me some emails. Here goes- Brazil. Wow! What an amazing time we had! Beautiful places with beautiful people. We have plans to go back hopefully in June. I really hope that happens. Gonna record a couple of recent singles in Portuguese. Think my Spanish is bad? Wait to till you hear my Portuguese. But I’m gonna try!

Shot a video for Children of God today. Don’t want to ruin the surprise but you’ll see some guest appearances from some people that are really special to us! More to come very soon….

Checking out the twitter posts from my good friend and worship leader at my church, @danielbashta . He’s in Rwanda right now and the things that he is saying and the pictures that he is sending are preparing me for our trip next week to Haiti. I’m a little nervous. Not that we are in danger of sickness or anything like that. But I’m in danger of being knocked out of my comfort zone and into a strong desire to see some great changes coming along for myself and for Haiti. Pray, brothers and sisters, pray. 

Finally, tonight. American Idol. Haven’t watched the last couple of seasons. I don’t say that out of pride. I love the show. Just missed the first few episodes of those last couple of seasons and I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t like to miss anything. I’d rather just not watch than catch it halfway through. Anyways, I was curious to see how J.Lo and Mr. Tyler were gonna do. Gotta tell ya, don’t know what you thought- but I REALLY don’t think it’s gonna miss a beat. Thought it was great! The show is done really well. I laughed, I cried. Did you see that dude at the end with his girlfriend who had been in the accident. Oh my. Cried like a baby. And Mr. Tyler, the way you went up to her and kissed her and told her that her boyfriend “sings great because he sings for you”. Wow. New found respect for you my friend!  Hope the rest of the season goes well. 


It’s Emmanuel’s 2nd Birthday today! We had a lot of fun with family tonight and he got something “cool”.

Happy 1st Birthday to my daughter Birdie Clare! She’s amazing y’all!

Happy 1st Birthday to my daughter Birdie Clare! She’s amazing y’all!