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Googly Eyes!!!

Well, we’re snowed in again today. It’s the second day of Al Gorefest 2011 and we finally got around to making that snowman! I finally figured out that the key is wearing good gloves. Anyway, it’s been fun but we’re running out of supplies. If anyone out there gets this….we need KrispyKreme doughnuts, bacon, and CokeZero. Not sure if the kids are going to get to go to school tomorrow. Suppose to freeze again overnight. It’s cute for a couple of days and then….we need to get back to normal……whatever that means. Enjoy some pics from the day!

Here’s a few more shots from today’s snow day!

So here’s a few photos from today. Had fun in the snow. Never got to making that snowman though…

Checking to see if this works!

So Mac, I am just wondering, would you answer this most pressing question for all of us. What does a 'Bama fan like yourself do on a day like today -- will you root for Auburn or will you cheer for Oregon? And congratulations on the blog, I will be a faithful reader - Clayton King

My bro- I’m so glad you asked! Today is a tough day for me. I have so many close Auburn fans. Some Bammers will tell you that’s not possible. But it really is people! Some of my closest cousins are Auburn fans. My pastor (shout out Happy Bday, TomTanner!) and worship leader at my church are Auburn fans. My right hand man, Dr.Mark Lee is an Auburn fan by marriage (they’re at the game today- have fun guys). And the list goes “on and on and on and on and on and on..” to quote an old Third Day song. My head says, “pull for Auburn. Let them take it home this year. If they win, the SEC, and Bama in turn, looks so much better.” But folks- I’m sorry to say. I just can’t do it. My heart won’t let me. Maybe my wife, Aimee is right. She said today to me “you need to pray about this and have a heart check.”  Maybe once the game starts my heart will change. But right now I’m not dare pulling for ‘em. Before you start to judge me, ask yourself this. Did any Auburn fans truly pull for Bama last year in the BCS Championship game against Texas. I’ll wager that very few would admit to doing that. And the ones who do are probably not true psycho Auburn fans anyway. That’s just the way it goes. Also, if you are not an Auburn or Bama fan, put yourself in my shoes. Who’s your team? If you are a Texas fan would you pull for A&M? Are you Wolverines gonna yell “Go Buckeyes!” I don’t think so.

So , anyway, I hope it’s a great game and may the best Cam..uhh..mm..uhh… man, win!

Here We Go

Okay, I’ve been thinking about doing this Blog thing for a while. Don’t think I’ll post a lot of stuff. Just wanna sometimes post more than 140 characters that twitter gives me. Please be patient while I try to figure this thing out. Blessings! mac

Did you get to meet with Sarah Palin for her TLC show? We love the theme song you guys provided.

Jason Benefield

nope. but talked to creator/producer Mark Burnett. nice guy

Okay? Hmm? Are you really you?? or are you some machine set up to make me think you are you???

yep. it’s me…. so far.

My Sweet Family!

My Sweet Family!